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Welcome to Brier Associates

We are journalists who learned how to deal with technology while going about our real jobs - writing and producing newspapers.

Although we have left our real jobs, we have not left journalism, continuing to write regularly for national and regional publications as well as publications covering journalism and technology. We also help companies choose publishing and asset management systems, write blogs, have Twitter feeds and otherwise participate in the democratization of journalism and new media.

And, after having been asked for help hundreds of times at social gatherings, at the pool or while trying to have dinner, we have branched out into SOHO technology consulting and hand-holding.

Consulting: If you run a business, you are in the publishing business. Annual reports, brochures, spec sheets, press releases and Web sites all have to come from somewhere, and that somewhere is you and your staff. We know how to manage the equipment to handle all that, from print to web, having worked on and installed systems from CompuGraphic in the early 1970s, to CSI, Atex, Harris and dozens of others over the years. 

We also help people in the SOHO market, those who can't afford the big consulting groups, who can't spend all day on hold and need a translator when talking with the folks on telephone support lines.

If you need help choosing a new computer, learning how to use your existing one, setting up an office network, developing a web site, recovering lost files or any of the other myriad problems that beset computer users, let us know. If you are tired of hearing geek when you need things explained in English, we can speak to you.

Writing: We can prepare technical documentation, take existing documentation and put it in English, help with annual reports, company newsletters and the like.

Journalism: And, of course, we're still journalists. We have written for The New York Times, Government Security News, ABCNews.com, Interactive Week, NewsInc., Money, Family Money, Business Week, InfoWorld,  and a host of trade magazines. If you need technology reporters, editors or people versed in national or social issues, we're the folks to call. If you have production problems, we do that, too.

To see examples of some of our stories and see what else is on the site, go to the table of contents. If you want to find out what we can do for you, drop us a note.

Steven in 1997  


Steven E. Brier
Brier Associates LLC
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